Confessions of a Hollywood Tantra Masseur

This book is unlike anything I’ve ever read before and has opened my eyes to a whole other way of thinking about my body and what I desire from it.
It’s so very inspirational, reading the stories of these women and seeing how this process managed to ‘heal’ them in a way whilst going to a different level of sexual feeling.
It both turned me on and made me realize that there IS something more to be had, something I have not yet experienced but am now VERY interested to discover more of.

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Sex: Woman First – Teach him You come first

Until now, I believed that the G-spot and the female ejaculation are just urban myths. I am writing this to let you know they are not. I’m telling you, I’ve been a practicing physician in the state of California for over 20 years. I’ve graduated from Harvard University School of Medicine. My first marriage didn’t last, but that was just faith, because that’s how I met my current wife, Kathy, whom I’ve been married to for two years. She had the pleasure of meeting the author of this wonderful book and learned the secrets of tantra massage and female ejaculation during a seminar. When Kathy told me she can squirt I was speechless. And now, for me to stand in front of the living proof, it’s amazing. Kathy and I, have now a special bound, it make our relationship so much stronger.

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My Blossoming Orchid

My Blossoming Orchid took me by surprise. It was my first erotic novel and I really didn’t know what to expect. In my mind I had this image that it will be something shallow, something cheesy and that I won’t like it. Boy was I wrong!
Right away at the beginning it surprised me how it described a hidden part of the world of escorts. It made you feel like you were right where the action took place, and this feeling stuck with you the whole way.
The author showed a great understanding not only of the world of prostitution, and what comes after it, but also about Tantra, true erotism and how everything, good or bad, comes from inside a person soul.
In the end, it wasn’t an erotic story, it was a story about spiritualism, about finding your inner soul and nurturing it. It felt like an awakening.

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The Desires of Anais And her Stirring Sexuality

Neglected and trapped in a loveless marriage to a congressman who has rejected her touch for five years, Anais Sheppard’s world is blown apart after a hotel masseur gets his hands (and a few other body parts) on her. Left bound and gagged in the shower, she is discovered by Jean-Claude. After rejecting her offer to buy his silence over the situation, the Tantric massage artist offers her his card instead. When they next meet, Jean-Claude tries to work through the guilt and repression Anais suffers under, and open her eyes to the pleasures her body is capable of experiencing. But the hotel masseur, Louis, remains in the picture and his intentions towards Anais are far from enlightening.

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The Blind Whore Who Found Love and Peace

“The Blind Whore Who Found Love and Peace” is a story of journey and discovery focusing on Bianca, a high-priced escort who can’t enjoy what she sells. Her sister recommends the help of Jean-Claude, a Tantric masseuse who helps women find the elusive O and come into their own sexuality.
Jean-Claude is immediately drawn to Bianca, and they forge a bond of friendship and attraction; he helps her both sexually and emotionally, using a blend of philosophy, kindness, and psychology. He also has his own erotic encounters along the way. When he discovers the terrible secret that may be blocking Bianca from enjoying sex, he’s determined to help her overcome it–but can he?

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Rebecca’s Bottom – Her True BDSM Life

Rebecca’s Bottom by Jean-Claude Carvill is about a young college girl who is introduced to the world of BDSM.
She then begins exploring her sexuality. The sex scenes are hot! They’re detailed and descriptive, you can picture exactly what is going on. It felt like I was there too!
This book is both enjoyable and informative- like Rebecca, I learned a lot about BDSM. I think this would be a good guide to any women thinking about introducing BDSM into their bedroom.

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Dead Drunk: A Mystery and Erotic Thriller

It’s not often that I read a book that works well both as a mystery and erotic thriller, but Dead Drunk does just that. The story tells the adventures of Malcolm Woods who learns that is wife of three months is suspected of the murder of her parents’ killer. He uncovers a number of facts about his bride that he hadn’t known while he tries to keep his eyes focused on proving her innocent. The mystery elements of who killed Tom Hanson kept me guessing until the final chapter, while the erotic adventures of the newly married couple had me reading until late in the night. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery and romance combined into a taut, edge of the seat thriller.

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Guide to Licking and Sucking

The preview immediately caught my attention as I thought it would be a book written by a man’s point of view so when I peeked the chapters I knew I had to read it. For sure it was nothing I would expect and surprised me in a very positive and unique way.
As soon as I started reading it, it was clear this was going to be an easy read. Something else that I also love when I start a book is to do a quick look at all pages to look for drawings or pictures, I love book that have images so, this ended up also as a great surprise! You’ll have very nice and cool pictures that help you to much better understand what is being mentioned and also enhances your imagination in the story, definitely a pleasant surprise; they’re unique and very sexy..

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